Professional Transcription Service

Available 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Transcription Services


We offer a highly confidential and accurate transcription service to organisations such as:

  • Lawyers/ barristers
  • Police/ security forces/ law enforcement offices
  • Local government
  • Central government
  • Fraud investigators
  • Human resources departments/companies
  • Emergency services

Our experienced legal transcribers are skilled in all areas to produce accurate verbatim transcripts for use in criminal investigations such as PACE interviews and witness statements, disciplinary hearings, tribunals etc. Our transcripts provide a complete account of the recording supplied to us. We have a portfolio of legal and corporate templates that we use on a regular basis for our existing clientele but are happy to substitute ours for yours if you prefer.



Written records are essential for all businesses – and transforming spoken words into high-quality text documents is our profession. We can carry out all your corporate transcription requirements from business meetings to interviews, and much more. Just Delegate has built its reputation as a leading online corporate transcription company. Our virtual transcription services mean that we can serve your business efficiently and promptly, regardless of your location. To save you precious time, expense and resource allow us to be your ‘virtual’ partner when it comes to putting your words into text.



We provide accurate and professionally transcribed research transcription to students, professors and researchers in the global academic community. Our research transcription services include high-quality transcription of academic interviews, focus group discussions, lectures and seminars. Our transcribers undertake a diverse range of academic and research transcription projects.



We know how essential it is for TV and radio production companies to receive timely accurate verbatim time coded transcripts, which is why Just Delegate have a small team working tirelessly producing quality transcripts for media companies. Time coded transcripts increase overall efficiency, saving time, money and resource therefore allowing audio and video producers and editors to improve their workflow, so whether they’re transcribing sound files for film, documentaries, news programmes, talk shows even reality shows Just Delegate’s transcribers work around the clock to ensure the transcripts are ready in time for ongoing production editing purposes.



We have a number of clients who hold regular events/conferences/round table meetings/question and answer sessions who send us their audio recordings for transcription of the event. Whether your conference or event spans two hours, one day or over several days our transcribers will produce quality transcript(s) to meet your deadline. Specific subject matters will be researched to ensure that your transcript(s) are returned to you ready to be presented directly to internal staff or external organisations if need be.