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PACE Transcription

PACE Transcription is a big part of what we do on a daily basis

Not all transcription companies are capable of providing accurate, time stamped, full verbatim transcripts of under caution interviews.  This is a highly specialised area that requires skilled and experienced transcribers.  We not only have those transcribers but you will find our prices far kinder to your budget than the industry norm.

We have a small team working tirelessly around the clock seven days a week on PACE transcription.  They have the skill and experience to produce accurate verbatim transcripts for use in criminal investigations such as under caution interviews, witness statements, disciplinary hearings, tribunals etc.  Our transcripts provide a complete account of the recording supplied to us.

We are able to accommodate urgent work.

For £1.20 per audio minute you will receive a high quality verbatim transcript, a fast turnaround and the safe return of any materials such as tapes, DVDs etc.

We transcribe from most digital formats, but also CDs, DVDs or even analogue cassette tapes.  

Amongst our clients are various local authority law enforcement departments, police and lawyers.

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