Professional Transcription Service

One price, no hidden extras

Available 24/7 - 365 days a year.



Our open and transparent pricing system means that you know exactly what you’re going to pay for your transcript(s) before you even send your audio recordings to us.

For £1.20 per audio minute you will receive a quality transcript that meets or beats your deadline and which also includes a final proofread.

Our price does NOT change subject to factors such as amount of speakers, subject matter, accents, time-stamping, identification of speakers or turnaround time. The Just Delegate price remains the same for any formatting requirements, your template, our template, full verbatim, edited, etc.

No hidden extras!

In most cases we do not mind tackling poor audio, but keep in mind noisy or poor sounding audio can take much longer to transcribe. Additionally, in cases where the audio is very unclear it is highly likely the end product, your transcript, will not be perfect.  Before allocation for transcription all audios are inspected and if found to be of poor quality you will be notified.

All audio minutes are rounded up or down for pricing purposes.

CDs/DVDs/tapes sent to us for transcription purposes are returned by secure mail the cost of which will be added to your invoice.